Friday, February 25, 2011

Mangala movie releasing on march 2nd and Dances composed by sekhar master.

Mangala Cinema march 2nd release avuthundhi.. movie kosam piccha ga wait chesthunna..reason enti ante, naa fav dance master ayina sekhar master garu ee movie ki single card anta.. All the best sir!!!

Prema kavali releasing today - Movie Talk / Short review

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Adi did a good entry, dances baga vesadu,and voice modulation is good.
Isha Chawla Looks Okay, a Normal Story with Some good Screenplay.
Songs and Music are good.
Production values are fine.
Motham meeda oka 3 weeks nadusthundi.
ps:- kani movie 12crs cheyyatam chala kastam

Kudirithey Kappu Coffe - KKC - Movie relesing today - Movie talk

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Varun and Heroine are good.
Locations and Photography are too good.
Music bavundi , same with BGM.
Story Bane vunna.. Second half koncham drag ayyindi.
Overall ga okay movie.Direction Could have been more better antunnaru.
Youth oreinted movie, kani world cup vundatam valla.. Box office daggara sustain avvatam kastam antunnaru.