Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Director Krish inteview about vedam movie

* Story ela design chesadu chepparu.
* ee movie ee year lo america lo highest revenue generate chese movie ga niliche chance vundi ani chepparu..
and inka interesting facts vunnayi.. click on image to view the article proper

2010 Soccer / Foot ball World Cup Time table - Designed in new way - miss to regret

we have seen, lot many new papers and sites published 2010 world cup time table. But Marca team designed a new type of timetable which is really amazing.. if you like foot ball or not.. check this link.. surely you will spell bound with there creativity.

Click here to open the 2010 foot ball time table

Mayamavuthunna Manishi

Paper Chaduvuthu.. ala pages tipputhunte "Mayamavuthunna manishi" anna title vunna article kanipinchi chadiva..
                  Locations veru, kani jarigina incidents okkate.. ammayila meeda dourjanyam adhi kooda chaduvukunna valle. eppatiki maratharo endo ee viluva leni janulu (evaru aithey sati manishi pranalani veluva cheya ro vallu).
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