Tuesday, September 28, 2010

veera bahu in Nadusi Nayagal - First look of Gautam menon's movie

gautam menon is presently busy in wrapping a tamil movie called "nadusi nayagal"means "Midnight Dogs". in this movie Sameera reddy is playing as girl working in call center. there are lot specialities in this movie. you may ask who is veera bahu, He is none other than the guy in the above picture.
                             why special post on him is.........he is my college mate , he studied mechanical engineer. Its passion which driven him to film world. now he is playing a important role in this  movie.. All the best mate.

there are lot more things about him and some specialities in this movie.. to view them click on read more.

1) this is the first movie coming with no back ground score
2)all the movie happens at night time.
3)no hero and heroine format.. its all about the characters.

some special points about veera bahu.
1)he entered tamil industry as assistant to gautam with movie "vettayadu vellayadu" (raghavan) in telugu.
2)he acted as a major in Varanam Ayiram (Surya S/o Krishnan). if saw that movie.. in the climax on major met with fire and surya will take him to helicopter.. that role done by Veera only.
3)in Vinna thandi varuvaya( yee maya chesave) , he appears on screen for two minutes when director explains about editing.

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Emayindhi ee vela - Poster - kajal Sister and Varun Sandesh

Kajal .. industry ki vacchina three years ki kani.. lip lock ki ok analedu.. alantidhi chelli first movie thone.. start chesindhi.. Lucky Varun Sandesh !!!!!!

Rayadu left Andhra Cricket Board - He is going to play for baroda

He is one of the talented player in Andhra. But what to do.. becoz of these bull sh*t politics in Andhra Cricket board, finally rayadu left his own state. what ever he is doing is good for his future.
                                   Now he is one of the fav players of sachin and he got good job in reliance .. all these things are result of his tremendous play. When i went to see IPL match in mumbai, I obeserved sachin is showing interest to give tips to rayudu. Surely one day we all will proud becoz of him.
All the best rayudu.. hope to see you soon in Indian Cricket team.