Friday, February 11, 2011

Manchu Vishnu - Vastadu Naa raju - VNR - Movie review / talk - updated

Cinema ki vishnu nee pedda minus,konni scenes lo parledu kani overall ga set avvaledu.
Tapsee bavundi.
Brahmi 30 mins comedy at its best.
Similar mass masala story.
Over all ga max 3 weeks.. World cup vundi kabatti adhi kooda kastame antunnaru.

Nagarjuna gaganam / payanam movie talk / review

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1)Story is simple and screen play is grriping.
2)Nag done a splendid job as comando.. Who all get vexed with normal commando roles(who yells pages of dialogues) of south hero's , here is the perfect movie on commando.
3)Scenes between prakash raj and nag came well.
4)Emotions are canned perfectly.
5)At some parts movie drops, but that is ignorable.
6)Special mention to BGM.
7)Photography and editing are good.
8)Three cheers to nag,radhamohan,KVguhan.

PS:- welcome to new age South movie, with no unneccasary duets and vulgar comedy