Friday, February 11, 2011

Nagarjuna gaganam / payanam movie talk / review

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1)Story is simple and screen play is grriping.
2)Nag done a splendid job as comando.. Who all get vexed with normal commando roles(who yells pages of dialogues) of south hero's , here is the perfect movie on commando.
3)Scenes between prakash raj and nag came well.
4)Emotions are canned perfectly.
5)At some parts movie drops, but that is ignorable.
6)Special mention to BGM.
7)Photography and editing are good.
8)Three cheers to nag,radhamohan,KVguhan.

PS:- welcome to new age South movie, with no unneccasary duets and vulgar comedy


Unknown said...

burrapotu cenema cheetta cenema, dont waste money boss

Unknown said...

kd2 =gaganam of 2011

Unknown said...

utter flop gaganam

Anonymous said...

Inthaki nuvvu movie chusava satya.

aditya said...


NAG: 100% Roleki Justice chesadu.

Prakashraj: He Lived Upto His Potential

Terrorists ga act chesina vallu,Security teamga act chesina vallu baaga chesaru.
talaivasal Vijay,harshavardhan, sana khan,Poonam kaur apt performances iccharu.
And last but not the least Muslim papa ga chesina ammayi manchi marklu kottesindhi.

Brahmi role slight disappointment.

Others all Did their job well.

Dialogues: Parledhu baane unnayi.

Camera: K.V.Guhan Did an Excellent job

Editing: Most toughest job ee cinemalo,and editor did not do any mistake.

Music: Praveen Mani's BGM is Outstanding.

Story- Screenplay-Direction: HatsOff to Radhamohan,Regular commercial formatki differentga oka story raasukovadam,and aa storyni e matram impact taggakunda screenpai teeyatam anedhi antha easy kaadhu.

But Radhamohan Each and every aspectlo success ayyadu,take offnunchi 1ominslone manaki charactersni intoduce chesthadu,aa taruvatha e matram late cheyakunda storyloki vacchestadu,plane aagina minute nundi climax daaka cinema "Travelling" chaala fastga undhi,ekkada interest taggadu,next em jaruguthunda ane anxietytho choostham.Characterisations,performances,twists placement anni perfectga execute chesadu Radhamohan.

Muslim papa character
Interval twist

Brahmi charctertho entertainment workout aindhi,but inkonchem expect chestharu audience.
Lastlo anni characterlaki ending icchina director harshavardhan characterki maatram ivvaledhu.


LAST LINE: Watch It .