Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NTR / jr NTR look and get up in Oosaravelli / vusaravelli on location pictures

endho brindavanam lo bavunnadu.. sakthi lo okay.. malli ippudu back to form la avuthunnadu.. hope ntr will realize this..


vinayaka chavithi vratha kalpam - pooja and katha - telugu - e book - pdf and also mp3 free download

tholi panduga., vignalu lekunda jeevitham munduku vellali ani andharu tappaka acharinchi panduga idhi.. chavithi andharam tappakunda vratha pooja chesi..katha chaduvutham.. ee vratha pusthakanni.. sadaranam ga andhram mundu rooju market lo kontam.. aithey ee madhya kalam chala mandhi kooda andhra lo kante bayata ekkuva settle avuthunnaru.. alanti variki bayata book dorakadu.. vari andhari kosame vrathanni pdf version lo , mp3 version lo upload chesthunna.. mee kavalina content lo download chesukoni.. pooja chesukondi.. to download the files click on read more.

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Note : Sorry Guys MP3 link is not working.. Please download the below PDF files.

rendu pdf files lo matter okate.. but presentation different ga vundhi.

Vinayaka Chavithi vratha kalpam

Vinayaka Chavithi vratha kalpam - 2

Andhariki subham kalugu gaka.. :)


Ajith Mankatha / mankata movie review - talk from the preview show - updates

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Ajit acting is superb and he lived in character!!!.
Huge noise in theater all were shouting Thala thala.
Arjun rocks.. his character is having equal importance with ajith
Trisha acting was gud but her role is limited.
andrea,mahat,prem and vaibhav played there parts.
Ajith character is in negative shades and thala rocks in the character.
Ajith underplayed the character well.. dialogues are very less.. and he shown the emotions in his eyes.
Some parts of the movie bit lags.
Climax twist is too good.
Overall the movie is good and having a huge chance to become a box office hit.
Kudos to Ajith , really hats off to his guts to accept a -ve role that too in 50th movie.
finally ajith on the roll !!! Dont miss this movie.