Monday, February 8, 2010

Sushanth new look - Looks Good

After Current movie ,Sushanth almost hide from media.Recently when media spotted him at ANR awards function,Stunned by his new look.
His looks are completely changed and he looks more glamor now..Check the pics of sushanth.

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TamilPadam/Tamizh Padam Movie review - My view

*As i told earlier, this movie is completely fun packed.
*Anni tanil movies meda , vati hero meeda full ga satires vesaru.
*ee movie lo prathi scene edo oka movie lo scene ki parody ga vuntundhi.
*theater lo antha oka song ki padi padi navvaru..a song lyrics ento telusa??
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*General ga tamil movies lo song ki edo oka humming word vuntundhi.. "oh maha seeya(gharsan) ballelaka(Aparichithudu).. aa huming words anni kalipi oka song chesaru.. theater antha navvule navvulu..
*ee movie ki story emi ledu.
*Ayina "Athi Sarvaeethra varjyath" annatu.. navvi navvi climax ki vacche patiki koncham bore koduthundhi.
*meeku tamil vasthe.. tappaka vellendi.. kani tamil movies meeda manchi knowledge vuntene ee movie ni enjoy cheyagalam.

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PS:- Due to time factor i wrote a small write up about this movie.Once i got time i will come with complete review

Ajith Kumar Asal Movie Review - my view

*Fans ku panduga lanti movie.
*First half lo first 20 mins english movie godfather la anipinsthundhi.
*Then Story shift to Mumbai. Mumbai episode comedy baga pandindhi.
*Second Half typical south indian movie with revenge drama.
*Movie antha chala lavish ga present chesaru.
*Okkati mathram cheppagalanu.. logic lekunda fights vunde movie istam aithey ee movie bane vuntundhi..

PS:- Due to time factor i wrote a small write up about this movie.Once i got time i will come with complete review

Kedi Hyderabad and Nizam Theater List

Already sivaparvathy Theater lo ticket booking start ayyindhi.Anni major theaters lo repati nunchi ticktes istharu anta.
Njoy the kedi week.
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Leader Movie Postponed to 19th Feb

Actually this movie slated to release on 11th Feb, Now news revolving around the film nagar that this movie got postponed to 19th feb. According to the news, the main reason to postpone the movie is that,collections impact because of Kedi movie which slated to release on 12th Feb.
On 15th feb special premier of leader was confirmed at canada.Trailer of this movie looks promising.
ATB to leader Team.