Thursday, July 22, 2010

SS Rajamouli , Sunil Maryada Ramanna Movie Movie review from Preview Show - Movie Talk - Updated

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* First Half manchi comedy anta.
* Oka Song lo Sunil Dance kummadu
* Interval Bang bavundhi
* First half aithey good.
* Second half ok. ok..
* Climax last 10 mins Sentiment
* Ravi teja voice over raccha anta.
* Ammayi Kitiki pakkana, Song chala baga tessaru.. one of the best in rajamouli movies.
*Mari Hype icchina antha goppa cinema kadu.
*Over all aithey avg - above avg

ps:- rajamouli movies above avg ante pakka hit kinda lekke......

* Ivvala night nenu second show ki velthunna.. i will update my detailed review then.

SS Rajamouli , Sunil Maryada Ramanna Movie review Contest

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  Please send your reviews to after the release of the movie. Include pictures and other   details that would be of interest.

                         If your review(either good or bad) is selected by the Maryada Ramanna team and posted on our site we will be   sending   you autographed goodies of Maryada Ramanna that include CD's, Postcards, T-Shirts etc. We will be adding   the review   section on our website soon after the release.

ps:- ekkado copy chesina reviews kakunda.. meeru movies chusi rasthey manchindhi.. 

Actor Srinivas reddy - Personal Photos - Gallery - Post By Ashok Reddy

Srinivas reddy, TFI lo one of the best timing vunna actor, Srinu vytla movies lo cheleruguthadu..
                         mana blog reader ayina Ashok reddy thana daggara vunna srinivas reddy personal photos collection ni publish cheyamani post chesudu.. total ga 6 photos upload chesa.. to view remaining photos click on read more.

SS Rajamouli , Sunil Maryada Ramanna Movie releasing in Mumbai / Pune - Theaters List

Mumbai Theaters List
CineMAX: Sion - 07:30 PM
ps:- Bigcinemas and PVR tho negotiations jaruguthunnayi mostly evening kalla full details vasthayi..

Pune Theaters List :-
E-Square: University Road - 9.15PM
ps:- inka chala theaters add ayye chance vundi..

anni confirm avva gane update chestha.. stay tuned here

Small Producers Council - Thanking Komarum Puli movie - Mail by Mohan

Innalu Big 4 okkalu ga vunna Geetha Arts ni tappu paduthunna Small Film Producers Sudden ga thanks cheputhunte enta anukuntunnara.. Click on read more to know that..

This is the mail sent by mohan garu..
Thank you ‘Komaram Puli’.
Out of 4 South Indian film industries [Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam] TFI is the biggest, but we are far behind them regarding switch over to Digitalised screens 
Digitalised projection would lower the cost of releasing a movie

Out of 1400+ operational single screens in A.P we have 307 [156-QUBE, 151-UFO] Digitalised single screens as on July 15th 2010.
In Nizam  47 out of 348+ screens and in Hyderabad 21 out 0f 110+ screens were digitalised
Power of Komaram Puli [K.P]
with Geetha  film distributors giving priority to ‘Digitalized Theatres’ to release their prestigious film ‘Komaram Puli’, another 60+ Theatres are being digitalised at rapid speed to exhibit ‘K.P’
So not only the producer of ‘K.P, many Producers would benefit, by going for Virtual prints thus avoiding physical prints.
We thank KOMARAM PULI, especially Geetha Arts for making this happen.
Mr Madhu [Producer] and Mr Bobby [Geetha Arts] should be appreciated for their effort.
Taking inspiration from ‘K.P’, Other forthcoming Big budget extravagant movies KHALEJA, ROBOT, BRUNDAVANAM, ORANGE, BADRINATH can get us  300+ additional digitalized screens.
If that is done Qube and Ufo management also should waive off VPF[Virtual print fee] for those films,as they would be benefited from those new screens apart from the TFI.

Ps:- Edhi ela vunna.. pedda movie valla state lo theaters anni digital aithey antha kanna manaku kavalisindhi emundhi..