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2010 Mid Year Telugu Film Industry results and Top five / 5 films in collection - article by Mohan CK

                     One more amazing article by Mohan CK, this article elobrates the complete money flow of first half of telugu film industry.Click on read more to view the article.

TFI-Balance Sheet [1000cr].
·With BO + TV rights + Music + Home Video + Overseas,
Telugu Cinema will touch RS 1000 cr mark for the 1st time.
Cheers to all!                                                                                                
Of the Rs 1000cr abt 50-60% comes to Producers.
Rest goes to Theatres,
Govt (tax), Music labels, retailers, mobile cos & others.
- allusirish.
                                        Our Estimation:
Out of 1000cr revenue, around 140cr comes from TV/Video, 30cr from Music rights and ring tones, 30cr  from Overseas, 800cr  from B.O
From B.O revenue of 800cr,deduct Govt Entertainment Tax 12% -avg [5%on small/15%on high/20%on dubbed films] 96crores = 704cr
Then deduct Theatre Rents etc 344cr = 360cr +190 cr [other revenues] =550cr

deduct 10% Distributors commision 55cr, Finally Producers would be getting around 495cr, i.e less than 50% of the total revenue mark.
Around 344cr is going away as rents[enhanced by Lessee's], nearly 50% of the B.O receipts [ rent varies from film to film, most of the producers/distributors get less share than the rental, so it is the average amount]
Note: didn’t exclude other states [Karnataka,T.N,Orissa,North India] and dubbing/remake rights revenue.
Making Cost
[Around 140+ films may be released in 2010]
High Budget films 20x16cr [Average] = 320cr
Mid-Budget films 30X5cr = 150cr
Low Budget films 90x1.5cr = 135, Total  =  605
Prints,Publicity.. cost
11,500 Prints x 75,000/- [Avg] = 86.25cr
Total cost  605 + 86.25 = 691.25cr say 695cr
TFI is spending 695cr+ and getting 495cr+ revenue, loss of 200cr annually.
Where as lessee’s are enjoying good profits on these 140 films.
If the Lessee’s revenue of 200cr comes to TFI, we can at least come to break even level with 695cr revenue[495+200] 
TFPC & APFCC shud Make the Impossible Possible!
Then only, all can say ‘Cheers’
                                        Story Repeats:
B.O Money spinners-2010:

1.Simha 2.MaryadaRamanna 3.YMC 4.Darling.5.Betting Bangaraju
[Inc other rights] 1.Namo Venkatesa 2.Bindaas.
Dubbed 1.Yuganiki Okkadu 2.Yamudu 3.Awara.                             
Break Even [Inc TV,Video,Overseas & Music rights] :
1.Vedam 2.Leader 3.Jhummandi Nadam
Till July 2010 end 83 films were released, out that only 13 films producers/distributors were in profitable/safe position. with 15% success rate by this year end around 21 Producers may go laughing all the way to the bank rest of 120 producers will end up with huge losses and leave the industry, again 100+ new set of Producers wud enter in 2011. Story repeats.!!!!!

ps:- collection lo manchi hit ayina adhurs break even kooda rakapovataniki karanam.. dani over budget ee kada..

NBK / balaKrishna - Simha / Simhaa 100 days direct and Shift centers List

click on read more to view the centers list..

3)krishna -9
5)nellore -2

total 93 centers lo direct paduthundhi.. ivi kakunda.. 100 paiga centers lo shift lo padela chesthunnaru..

total ga shift + direct kalipi.. 200 plan chesthunnaru ani talk.

edhi emaina ee movie NBK stamina emito maro sari proove chesindhi.. 100th day ee movie meeda special article ki plan chestha..

main source : myreviews4all.blogspot.com

Ravi teja - Don Seenu - Bangalore \ Bengaluru releasing theaters list - updated with show timings and phone numbers

Bangalore / Bengaluru theaters list
ippati daka..

1)Sri Renuka Prasanna Theatre 9980015728

21st Main Road, Marenahalli, 2nd Phase J.P. Nagar

11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM

2)Sri Radhakrishna Theatre08022924908

25, 1st Main Road, Mattadahalli, R.T Nagar

11:30 AM, 2:45 PM, 6:15 PM, 9:30 PM

3)Inox Mantri Square 080-41128888

Mantri Square Mall, 3rd Floor, Sampige Road, Malleswaram

12:35 PM, 3:55 PM

4)Murali Gokula 08023378555

Bandappa Garden, Mutyala Nagar Mathikere

11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 9:30 PM

total theaters list ivvala evening kani, repu evening kani post chestha...
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NTR jr Brindavanam movie shooting location Stills @ Sakshi

NTR looks great in this movie.. August 3rd week lo audio vacche chance vundi antunnaru.