Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KCR Keka.. anna gurinchi entha cheppina takkuve

KCR, Sudden ga media loki vacchi chala hadavidi chesthunnaru... up to now lot of politicians claimed that KCR will drink when he is coming for press meets, i thought that they all are rumours but after reading this press meet by mana anna KCR. I Changed my view on him. Please read the above highlighted lines. no politician in the world will speak like that. Anna nuvvu keka.. boothulu kuda boothulu kadu ani cheppavu chudu.. inka boothuluki kuda idhi telgana boothu idhi andhra boothu.. ani cheppi finally for boothulu kuda nuvvu regional feeling teppichavu.. kekoo.. kekayi namaha.... Please click on the image to get more clarity.