Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mahesh babu- The Business Man - Movie bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list - updated

ippati daka vunna information prakaram.

Pallavi is the main theater..

Confirmed theaters list
Vision cinemas
HMT, jalahalli
Manasa theater
Sri Srinivasa theater  

Andhra lo lane ikkada kooda record releasing ki plan chesthunnaru.. for sure.. easy ga 20 theaters lo release avuthundhi ani talk.

pandaga ki dadapu telugu population antha illaki veltharu.. enni theaters avasaram ledu emo aniposthondhi..


Mahesh Babu - The Business Man - Hyderabad / naizam releasing theaters list

Too much of theaters assalu.. RR movies vallu vesina master plan idhi.. first day records confirm!!! cinemaki manchi talk vasthey.. first week 70 crores easy ga plan chestharu.

All the TBM team


Big boss Season 5 - Final Episode - Winner - is Juhi Parimar - Live Updates - on the show

Now on wards i will post the live updates.. Stick to this place to know the final winner of the show..

Final Contestants are :- 
1)Juhi - WINNER
2)Sid - EVICTED - 3rd Place

3)Amar - EVICTED - 5th Place
4)Sky - EVICTED - 4th Place
5)Mahek - 2nd place

in my view , sid / mahek should not win. Sid is nothing but a copy cat and mahek is not all tolerable. She irritates more in the show. She is just a drama queen , always try to bring the past and ignores the present.

* Now they are showing the last day happenings in the house.

* This is live updates from the show.i will update the important details here.
*Now Sanju babu talking to the contestants. 
* Sid is trying to show -off that.. he is common man.. (man this guy is disgusting.. always try to tells that he is common man) 
*Laxmi tries to point out that sky is not good contestant in the house. 
*Sunny supports sky.
* Salman and sanju tries there best to point out sky as a bad contestant
*Karan and imran khan enters the stage. 
*Amar get evicted from the show.. he is not in the top 4 contestants.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its irritating man.. Mahek has to go out :) 
*Dolly Bindra on stage.. even before her they pointed out SKY!!!!!!!!!
*rakhi sawant pointing that SKY is not good contestant.. whats happening..i think they are preparing people that SKY is not good. 
*Malaika says that SKY is not good contestant. and she is telling that her fav contestants are "SID" and "MAHEK".OMG!!!!.. now iam getting belief that mahek or sid going to win this show.. it seems every thing scripted
*SKY Get evicted from the show.. he is not in the top 3 contestants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.mmcchhhh.. Sorry sky.. we miss you.
* SID get evicted from the show.. he is not in the top 2!!!!!!!!! finally one good decision. 
* Salman asks SID to sit between amar and sky 
* -->Salman and Sanjay Dutt went inside home to bring mahek and juhi on to the stage.
* Suprise to mahek!!!!!!!!!!!!! danish khan from norway, he is proposing mahek for marriage.
* Every thing on the way to mahek.. danish clear that they are rich and they are not desperate for the crore money

** And the winner of the show is JUHI Parimar..  
** Juhi parimar is the second lady winner of the show. 

** Thats all guys.. Juhi won the show.. good night :)
In the mean times viewers , tell me your opinion who will be the winner of this episode.


King Nagarjuna - Head tonsured - Tirumala / tirupathi - picture