Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NBK Simha - Latest Wallpaper

Arachakam.. Correct ga fans NBK ki ela chudali anukuntunnaro.. alane vundi ee poster..April 9th ki movie release avuthundhi antunnaru..

All the best to NBK.. we all want to see your power at the box office.

Puri jagannath's Great Copy work - Movie posters

Up to now we have seen telugu movie directors copied stories and ideas from hollywood.But now puri copied the wallposter design also.
Pakkana vunna poster ekkado chusi nattu ga vundi kada.. ee poster ne mana puri thana recent movie ki vadadu.. to see that copy poster click on read more.

Ippudu inko movie.. Same hero dhe...
Ikkada Bujji gadi poster lo meeru oka vishayam gamanichali..Prabhas vesukunna shirt meeda orginal poster still vundi..
Edhi emaina.. Movie story lines nee kakunda.. movie posters ni copy koduthunna puri nuvvu great..
Thanks Nani for Sharing this pic 

DDLJ Running countinously for 15 years - Article

a movie running from 750 weeks that too in a single theater is not a normal thing. If this movie ran for another 20 years it will be in Guinness world record. This movie is the main major source of revence to start YFC (Yash Chopra's Film studio). to know more about the movie,Click on the image.

Mohan Babu at his teen - Unseen

Nagarjuna new movie Payanam Started - First Look

Telugu lo dil raju, Tamil lo prakash raj ee movie ni produce chesthunnaru. Movie name is payanam.kandahar hijack plot ani industry talk. Poster kuda adhey message ni convey chesthundhi.
                 Director for this movie is "Radha mohan",Telugu lo vacchina "Akasamantha" movie director. 
ATB to King Nagarjuna.