Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shahid Kapoor Badmaash Company movie review - my view

shahid kapoor carrier is in deep trouble with straight two flops.. so all his hopes relied on Badmaash company.last weekend i went to this movie, to check the movie review in my words click on read more.

Yash raj banner has a special respect in hindhi industry, but according to me this is a pukka commercial banner. even some time they copy the same story line of there early movies, same applies to badmash company.
i was surprised that, the same banner who made bunty aur bubbly , repeated the same in baadmash company.

there is a slight difference with the story line, in bunty aur bubbly they were con people who cheats big shots. where as in BC .. hero along with his group of friends cheats companies,govt and banks with there plans.. and finally hero realize that he is going in wrong way .. After realization what happened this the basic story plot.

coming to performances :- shahid rocks with his acting and Anushka sharma looks as a perfect jodi for him. Anupam kher role is limited to two to three scenes.. and remaining all played there roles well

main strong points :-
1)jokes on Chinese people are awesome
2)music is amazing.
3)Anushka sharma did bikini act and may hot lip locks, surely these scenes will raise the mercury level in the theater.
4)Songs and there picturization are the major asset for the movie.

negative points:-
1)even though the movie is entertaining,nothing new in story line and almost predictable.
2)once hero realized his mistakes, movie becomes bore( but climax is good)

verdict :- if you like entertaining movies,we can watch it.. but nothing new..

Chances for india team to make into t20 world cup semifinals - my view

As expected when ever fans keep hopes, india looses.. same story getting repeated in westindies 2010. for semis mainly luck needs to favour and more over players have to play in todays match..
click on read more to see the way(only ray of hope) how india can make in to semis.

    according to present situation, the match which we are going to with sriplay is like do or die for both teams.. india has to win on srilanka with margin of 24 runs if we bat first, at the same time if we select to chase we have to beat the target with in 17 overs.even if the above two cases happen then there is chance for india to get into semis only if westindies loose the match against australia.
so many if conditions for india..

actually i didnt have hopes, but by seeing the luck of pakistan my hope - ray got brighten and mind is keep on telling that.. india will win today..

but remember, exactly 3 years back in 2007 world cup, same do or die condition.. but lost against srilanka and came out.Hope this wont happen again..All the best to india team..