Thursday, August 6, 2015

Srimanthudu / Srimantudu premier show live updates - talk

Going to premier on August 6th 6.00 PM Show in USA ( Indian time 7th August 3.30 AM). I will be giving live updates from the show.

Stick to this place for the updates.

In the theater.. Show about to start in 10 mins

Jagapathi babu intro..

Mahesh intro on cycle followed by rama rama song

Rift btwn jagapathi babu and mahesh

Mahesh and employee family madhya scene keka

Shruthi nice intro.. Decent ga vundi

Rp and village problems

Mahesh joined in shruti college..

Jatha kalise song time

Minister ki warning icche scene bavundi

Pelli lo fight baga design chesaru

People leaving village and rp wants to stop..

Charuseela song time

Mahesh wants to go his village

Poor graphics in srimanthudu title song

Fight on the way to village.. Nice one


Overall nice first half ekkada paniki malina comedy lekunda.. Baaga teesaru.. No boring moments as of now.. Assalu story second half lo start
Jago song time

Amazing emitional moments

Rp tells jagapathi babi flashback

Villain gang ki warning scene bavundi

Comedy worked out well 

Village Family gurinchi cheppe scene keka.

Villains ki warning scene worked out well

Dimma tirige song time.

Imp scenes between rp mahesh

Life gurinchi happiness gurinchi mahesh cheppe scenes bavunayi

Commercial ending..

Overall amazing movie.. Manchi point tho movie teesaru.. Dont miss the movie.

Thanks to mahesh, siva and producers..