Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dhee - Sai Pallavi - Herione in Premam movie.

Undoubtedly Premam is one of most talked movie of this Year and its a one of the biggest hit in Malayalam industry. There is one thing that "Dhee dance" show fans can cherish about. "Sai Pallavi" one of famous contestants of Dhee 4 , played a heroine role in "Premam" and got that instant following with her "malar" character.
                                              While watching the movie, i felt that i saw her before. Later while searching, found that she is none other than our sai pallavi of Dhee show. People expected that she has capability to become heroine. very happy to see her back in action. All the best Sai Pallavi.

 Sai pallavi dance in Dhee show.

Malar song in Premam movie