Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mahesh babu Khaleja / kaleja - Hyderabad / Naizam Theaters List - official

Antha Bane vundi.. Kukatpally Siva parvathy lo kooda movie release avvatam chusi.. naaku bayam vesthundhi.
                 Siva parvathy akali ki maro movie bali kakudadhu ani gattiga korukuntunna.. :)

Brindavanam / Brundavanam movie postponed to October 14th - Its official

Bad news to cine lovers , who all wants to see a first ever of its type fight at boxoffice... Brindavanam movie got postponed to october 14th!!!!! its official..

This is the tweet by NTR on brindavanam postponement.

tarak9999: Brindavanam postponed to 14th..the reason being there is still some work which is pending..sorry pressure.see u guys on 14th

ps:- Mahesh fans saying NTR Took back Step as he didnt have enough kaleja to face the same time NTR fans retarding as " Lion will take back step to make sure to hit its target more accurate and same thing applies here"..
i think by 14th we will come to know the clear winner.:),, I wish both movies to become a big hit and make us all happy..

Mahesh babu Khaleja / kaleja - Boom Shakanaka Bootha Sundari - Video - Latest Trailer

Costumes and taking racchalu ga vundi... cant wait to see this movie on big screen :)