Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prakash - Omshanti Director Interview

Happy ga USA lo software job lo settle ayina,prakash thana passion kosam job ni vadelesi. movie making course chesadu.After that with out doing assistance he directly got the offer from Vyjayanthi movie banner.Chala inspiring ga vundi.After Ram Gopal varma i think he is the first one who became directly a director.If iam wrong please correct me.

- SasidharAnne

Nama Vekatesha Picture

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Avatar Releasing with 700 prints in India

oka english film india lo 700 prints tho ante mamulu vishayam kadu. Last thursday ee movie internation review London lo jarigindhi. SUN paper first time oka movie more than 4 out of 5 icchindi.. Final Climax 20 mins anta. aa 20 mins manam kallu tippalem ani dantlo rasaru.. Iam eagerly waiting for this movie. Please dont miss this one

- Sasidhar Anne