Sunday, August 30, 2009

NagaChaitanya and Nagarjuna interview

Naga Chaitainya Gurinchi nagarjuna,Venky,Amala,Chaitus' Mother and his grandfathers. okare emiti family antha icchina interview Chudandi. Chala Heartful ga vundi. Inka there are lot of specialities in this article. First time Chaitanya mother photo media loki vacchindi.Chaitu answered about his relation with "Anushka" ;), and also when chaitu came to mumbai for his Acting course intially he stayed in tabu house along with sushanth. Like this lot hidden truths about chaitanya... Click the images to view them bigger.

Source : Sakshi Paper

Ganesh Nimmajan in Mumbai on 29-08-2009

As i said before there we will be some gratifying dates when you go for retrospection. It’s raining those days for us in Mumbai. With in a week span i spent again a valuable, enjoyable, memorable day in Mumbai again. This time we had a new friend along with us.. Its none other than "Bala Ganesh". Before blogging the incident i need to say special thanks to rajkumar. Who organized the event well by taking initiation and injecting energy in others including me. Life is mixture of all spices. To make our life tastier we have to add some masala in it, means while enjoying we have to forget our self and think only about the enjoyment. Guys don’t say we do same thing in PUBS and DISCO. There we will do with the group of people who do the same, that’s making no difference. Think of dancing in public, near traffic signals. There we feel more excitement. Normal days it’s like taking oil from the sand, but yesterday we did that in style. Yes I affirm those who danced on the way to nimarjan wont forget this event in there life time. We all started from home at 7.30 pm, Dance galata started right from moment of first step. Chakri and Sudheer danced like as they are legs are too slippery .Believe me guys they are not in position of stand still for a minute also.Suprisingly our spinsters also shake there legs. By 9.45 we did nimajjan of Ganesh maharaj. Overall it’s a really wonderful experience. Please see the pics attached below.