Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winners List of Superhit Nagarjuna Birthday Wish Contest - My Wish got selected

yahoooooooooooo....my wish also got selected.. my name is there in Souvenir Winners List(9th name).

even in this selected list nagfans.com created a record, out of the selected members.. more than 30% are from Nagfans.com. Congrats all..

click here to open the super hit link

Mahesh Babu and Anuskha rocking still from Khaleja / Kaleja

Takita Takita movie hyderabad Releasing Theaters List

already audio adhirindhi.. check the review here. movie september 3rd na release chesthunnaru. Hope this movie will get decent run. All the best to bhoomika.

ps:- nag and anushka perlu chalu intial collections ravataniki.. if the movie is good, surely it will get good profit for bhoomika and co..

Jagapathi babu Gaayam 2 / gayam 2 Hyderabad - Naizam releasing theaters list

Jagapathi babu carrier ni decide chese movie idhi.. already industry lo manchi talk vacchindhi movie meeda.. all the best to jagapathi babu.

Article on ticket rate hikes from 50 rs to 75 rs by mohan CK

Ippudu Komarum puli movie kosam ticket rate ni 75rs ki penchali ani try chesthunnaru.. ala chesthe telugu films ki entha loss ani mohan garu baga rasaru.. to check that article click on read more.

We beg BIG 4 not to Kill our Mother.

Sadly, the cost of reaching out to the audience has become too expensive for small budget film makers.
The lessee’s are BIG block to our ideas and vision.
‘Increase success ratio’ is not the answer as no one starts to make dud, and the success rate is more or less same in all other language films.
 Greed could destroy the TFI.

watching  good cinema is going to become too expensive for the audience
if the ticket rates are increased from Rs 50 to 75/-

Geeta Arts  has requested the govt to increase ticket rates from 50 to 75rs and
Lobbying is at its peak to hike ticket rates to 75/-, especially to save the upcoming highly over budgeted flick
‘Komaram puli’

Case Study: 'Happy Happy Ga' Sudarshan 35mm Hyderabad
  Table 1 :                                                                                                     Table2:
 'Happy Happy Ga' share,                                                                             Ticket Hike Proposal by Geeta Arts                     
Class- Seats [1261]
[Excl rs2/- TMC]
Class- Seats [1261]
[Excl rs2/- TMC]
Rs50-2=48 x 525
Rs75-2=73 x 525
Rs40-2=38 x 317
Rs30-2=28 x 124
Rs40-2=38 x 124
Rs10-2=8 x 250
Rs20-2=18 x 250
Per Show Gross

28 Shows Gross

'HappyHappy Ga' 1st Week Gross
[33% occupancy- avg]
'Happy happy Ga' would have got 25% less collections if they had hiked the Ticket prices.
The producer would have got deficit of 1.85lakhs with additional 1.25 lakhs rental increase
15% E.Tax
Weekly Rental [21% ]
 Share to the Producer/Distributor
-1,10,000 Deficit
Deduct Distributors Commission 10% + P&A cost [Print ,Advertising]  75,000
Happy Happy Ga 1st week returns
-1,85,000 Deficit

Happy happy ga' collected 4 lakhs [1st week revenue], Lessee/Exhibitor got rs 2,75,000 including Rent and Theatre Maintenance Charges[TMC].
where as the Producer/Distributor got just 5,000 after deducting Print &Publicity  from the main theatre of Hyderabad.
Probably around 5 lakhs share from the entire state, even that paltry amount would be adjusted towards second week rental deficit.
On 4cr Investment producer gets 25% returns from satellite rights and he would quit the industry loosing 75% of his hard earned money.
Around 120 producers are making films to make lessee’s richer day by day and very few countable producers get back their investment.
'Happy Happy ga' atleast made the share of 5,000rs with these HIGH RENTAL, it would have got 2lakhs deficit if The Ticket rates were hiked as Geeta arts proposed

small film makers on an average have to shell down one and half lakhs plus on each theatre to release their film if the Ticke prices are hiked and that would be the death of small cinema

so keeping in mind Thousands of families we request Allu Aravind garu and Chiranjeevi garu not to take this extreme step for their selfish gain and cause damage to their mother Industry. The proposed hike will benefit only BIG4 and it will get angry reaction from audiences and telugu film Industry

Please don’t let that happen with your influence.
You can become the face and voice of alternative good quality cinema,that will take Telugu Cinema to the greater heights.
You growww..  and please allow others to survive.
You cant make others as you wish them to be,
Don’t make TFI a feudal industry, and don’t make our lives miserable.

We request the honorable Minister smt Geeta Reddy garu to reduce ticket rates from 50 to 35/- and issue the G.O making the Theatres run small budget films for 16 weeks on percentage system in the calendar year.