Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orange "Chilipiga Chusthavala" Song - intial version is "Dhimu Dhimu" Song from Engeyum kadhal movie

last week sun music lo ee song choosa.. chusi ee song intial version ekkada koncham reasearch chesa..

Orange movie lo Chilipiga chusthavala song , engeyum kadhal ane movie lo "Dhimu Dhimu" song ki remake ani telisindhi.. even though enguyum kadhal movie audio released on nov 5th.. harris mentioned that he used this dhimu dhimu song for "orange" movie. One more similarity in these two songs are that they are climax songs in both the movies.

Engeyum kadhal movie also failed at box office but the songs are really good in this movie.try to listen them..


Ala modalu ayyindhi movie in malayam - dubbing - poster

happy to see that all our movies are getting released in malayalam.. :) ayana mallu vallaki mana cinemalu ante enduku antha crazee oooo?


magadheera 730 days - poster

ee cinema inka vadilela leru.. actually record held by "Chandramukhi" for more that 600 days in a theater with out shifting.. magadheera 500days ani cheppina theater kooda renovation lo vundi.. just bayata matuku ee poster pettaru ani andariki telisina secret.... ayina kooda inka ee magadheera records gola ento..