Friday, July 27, 2012

uu kodathara ulikki padathara / UKUP movie talk and Small review from benifit show

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*Manoj entry is good and he acted very versatile.
*Movie mainly revolves around gandharva mahal.
*Deeksha is daughter of prabhu and prabhu is the owner of the gandhrava mahal.
*So many twists in the story and they are good in parts.
*Saikumar did a perfect job for his -ve role.
*Rishi is a suprise.
*Interval mundu NBK entrance.. and NBK acting at its peaks.
*Cant reveal the twists... movie is lot of twists.
*Climax is good(Depends on the way you take)

we can see all the hard work of technicians .NBK role is the supirse..

NBK tho adhinayakudu lanti movies kakunda.. ilanti special roles isthu manchi movies teyyavacchu..

  Movie range manam cheppalem.. ilanti dark movies ni mana vallu chudaru.. Chusthey it will get good collections.