Friday, December 4, 2009

Sarai Veerraju End of the Day Talk

* Action Packed movie and lot of Blood.
* Typical Commercial movie with flash back, Hero friends rape and kill his lady interest.
* Hero kills them all, inka present hero ki inko heroine kuda vuntundhi.
* Overall a average fare.
* First half lo kanna , Second half lo Ajay action as SARAI VIRRAJU raccha.
* May be luck is not in sied of ajay now,for movie verdict we have to wait for some time.

- Sasidhar Anne

pravarakyudu End of the day Talk

*Cinema Bavundhi..Family audience ki baga nacchuthundhi...
* First Half lo manchi comedy vundi...
* Second half lo comedy vunna, Sentiment ekkuva anta.
*Dragging towards climax,Ikkada youth koncham bore fell avvavocchu.
*Bangaram Song Super.. And Temple set , temple lo scenes worth to watch.
*Difficult to watch jagapathibabu as college student.
*Finally worth watching movie, may be an average grosser just like "Pellaina Kothaloo'.
$$$$Thumbs up to  Madan.
$$$ May be this movie will not effect arya 2 as this movie is completly based on family audience.

PS: ee movie lo jagapathi babu character name is "SASI"..

- Sasidhar

Bendu apparao 50 days and Arya 2 second week

New Section Start Chesthunna.. Posters meda.. evaina interesting ga and fifty days posters vunte avi publish chesta... Now iam adding Arya Second week poster and Bendu Apparao Fifty Days Poster.

Congrats and Thanks to EVV and Allari naresh , who gave a hit at much needed situation in telugu industry.
 Click on the images to view bigger.

- Sasidhar Anne

Avatar in telugu.. Dont miss this

2012 kanna hollywood lo pedda expectations vunna movie idhi..monna nee 3d effect to Trailer chusa. Racchalu .. ee movie gurinchi chala interesting news vunnayi avi ento telusa..
- Actually ee movie 1999 lo start chesaru.. Appatlo antha technology ledu ani stop chesaru. Malla 2006 lo start ayyindhi.
- Bahusa.. Hindhi name to release avunthunna first hollywood movie nee idhi.
- ee director "Mana Ramayanam " lo Ramudu gurunchi chadivi.. ee movie lo hero character ni design chesadu anta..

Just click the above image to view bigger, in that they mention a website.. go through that site , mee minds compulsary ga block avuthayii by seeing the visuals

- Sasidhar anne

Gayam 2

JagapathiBabu Carrier ni pedda u turn tippina na cinema "GAYAM".Malla Ade movie ni ippudu Varma Sishyudu tho sequel teestunnaru.. General ga telugu industry lo sequel movies anni antha hit avvaledu.. Kani Gayam 2 tho adi reverse kavali ani korukuntu...All the best to jagapathi babu.
- Sasidhar

Ready In Tamil

Genelia Ante nee Bommarillu "Hasini" Character Gurthukuvasthundhi..aa character ni three languages lo chesindhi..Ippudu "Ready" movie tho kuda idhi repeat kavvocchu..
Ready Cinema Ippudu tamil lo tessthunnaru.. Danush Hero ga.. at the same time ee movie ni hindhi lo kuda remaku cheyyavacchu.. Akkada kuda Genni darling ne emo...
All the best to genelia
- Sasidhar Anne