Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ek Niranjan parady song.

 Hi All,

Parody song of EK Niranjan ,which i wrote long time back before the movie got release and i published that in my blog at that time, i felt so happy that all my friends liked that song well.
                              today is wonder! the song which i wrote, came back to me as a forwarded mail!!!!!!!!! i was just felt happy by seeing that.

please click on the link of my previous post which contains song or check the archives of October u will find the song .

inka ee below sites lo kuda mana talent nee paste chesaru..
Chalu lee manaku inka ani naku anipinchindi..

Thanks ,
Sasidhar Anne

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Simha working Stills - My views on them

Simha working still were released. Stills anni bavvunayi.. babu garu mari koncham bavunnaru ee stills lo.
                         Kani stills chusi we cant say about the movie. i had a pathetic experience before."Okka Magadu" Movie meeku gurthu vunde vuntundhi..  ayani marchi poye cinema naa adhi.. nenu stills and TV lo "AD" chosi, Banglore lo.. Office ki leave petti 250 ki black lo ticket koni mari velli.. "D Cheychukunnanu".. Mostly everybody position was same at that time.Appdu telisindhi.. Posters chusi movie ni expect cheyadddu ani..

                   Now At this time by intially by seeing the photos naku "Abba Ballaya malla super vunnadu, Stills keka vunnayi, Movie racchalu emo ani anipinchindhi" , kani okkasari naaa sixth sense "tortoise lo petti flash back remind chesindhi"... Chudam stills aithey keka..Movie ela vuntundho..
Oka nammakam emiti ante "Boyapati" teesinavi two movies ee ayina both films are commercial hits.Elagu ballaya script lo remaning heros laga cheyyi pettadu.. so movie bavuntundemo.. vammmoo malli naku "flash back" gurthukuvasthundhi....

Kakapothey oka "Abimani" ga "I wish all the best to Ballaya".I want to see you back in form

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Village Lo Vinyakadu Preview

Last Year "Vinayakudu" ga atu commerial ga and critics daggara manchi peru techu kunna "SAI KIRAN ADAVI", Malli same concept tho second part ga "Village lo vinayakudu" ga ivvala mana munduku vasthunnaru...

Some facts about this movie :-

-> This movie made of 1.39 crores of budget , where are first part made of 1.42 crores, definitely this is an eye opener for the new movie directors. Who made there second movie as "High Budget One",if first movie is hit.
-> Satellite rights are already sold for whopping 1.5 crores , so the collections going to made by the movie will be the profit.

->All Songs are good and nice to hear them , if the photography is good they will be feast to watch

->Inka "krishnudu" iis holding this movie on his shoulders.

Lets see what the movie verdict will be.

Sentiments :- All directors of telugu industry had a record that , there second movie will become flop. one and only rajamouli is the exceptional in that case, who made his second movie as a bumper hit. Lets hope saikiran Adavi will follow rajamouli .

All the best to Village Lo Vinayakudu Team :

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