Friday, November 5, 2010

Tees Mar Khan / TMK Title track - Full Video

while iam watching this video.. i felt postive vibrations like "Singh is King". Hope this movie score a big hit at boxoffice

NTR / Anna gari rare pic with Basava tarakam garu - Very very rare

Thanks ashok for sending this amazing pics

Hyderabad in 2012 - Complete Video - Amazing??

Happy Diwali

the darkness(sorrows) in our lifes will be vanished by the lights of diwali..have a safe and happy diwali..

NBK Simha / Simhaa 200 days Centers and Poster

jammala madugu lo movie 175 tarvatha tesesaru.. so 200 days 2 centers lo paduthundhi..inka telugu industry lo last 200 days lo movie ga simha nilabade chance vundi..:)
Congrats and thanks to NBK for giving much needed hit to industry

Mahesh babu Khaleja / kaleja movie - Comedy Scenes in One video

cinema lo comedy highlight..concept and story ni koncham elivate chesi vunte movie oka range ki velli vundedhi ani naa feeling..

Ramcharan Tej Orange movie Sydney Nagaram Song video - trailer