Friday, March 15, 2013

NTR Baadshah / badshah - audio pass - scan copy

release ki mundu 2 songs vacchesayi.. title song kooda leak ayyindhi but Quality is too bad ani talk, assalu unofficial leaks and bad quality tho enduko songs vinatam ;X.

ps: thanks to sekhar for sending this pic


NTR Baadshah / Badshah - Audio Poster

Poster kummindhi .. wishing all the best


Mahesh - Namratha Funny video about children in Rainbow hospital

Way funny :)

mahesh said by seeing the facilities of hospital , he is sure that they will take care of chidrens well and he wants a third baby. Immediately namratha responded "No way"..

I think this is the first time mahesh discussing his personal things in public. :)