Thursday, August 26, 2010

Karthee , Kajal - Naan Mahan Alla Movie review - My view

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Story Plot :-
                            The main concept of the movie is about the drug addicted youth, now a days students in the addiction of drugs , they are doing lot of mistakes. to cover one mistake they keep on doing the mistakes.
Karthee family will get effected by these type of youth, So how karthee took revenge on them that's the story.Its a thin wafer line story and also a old type of story. but the presentation and visuals are stunning.

Story Analysis :-
            First half is all about the love story between the karthee and kajal , its loaded with full comedy, karthee is amazing , his timing in comedy scenes are execellent.
                         Then second half is all about the revenge story, in second half the like the song , which shows the relation and bonding between the father and karthee. during that song, tears came in my eyes automatically..

kudos to suseendran..after making a rural dusky movie "vennela kabbadi kzhulu"(bheemli in telugu), this movie (Naan Mahan Alla) is like a complete U turn to that movie . This movie is  stylish , racy , comedy and entertaining. Direction is awesome and screenplay is very gripping.though the story plot is very small they way he presented is ultimate.

Yuvan shankar raja :- marvelous music, in some scenes its magnifies the emotion. the background score given in the climax part is amazing. already audio is a big hit and BGM is too good

Karthee :- man!!! he is just four films old, but the ease he is showing is like 60 films old. love you karthee as i said in my payya (awara) movie review , this guy is already in the big league now.
they way he deliver the satires are too good.they are many scenes in this movie i liked a lot..

some of them are :-
1)When hero's friend husband invites hero for lunch on Sunday .
2)Hotel scene BTW heroine father, karthee and rowdy
3)when hero goes for collection
4)karthee scenes in heroines house..
5)second half father sentiment song - in this song karthee action reached peaks.
6)climax fight

kajal - story wise her character is not important, but in first half she shared a good place in the entertainment part. As ususal she looks gorgeous.

over all verdict :- there are certain scenes , where family audience feel uncomfortable ( molestation scenes) but they are ignorable. i cant say this movie is going to be super hit , it will become a decent hit.

Telugu remake :- for sure this movie will come in telugu as both karthee and kajal are pretty famous in telugu now. In telugu this movie will run average i think.

overall , a good movie - try to watch this as soon as possible.

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