Friday, August 27, 2010

vijay kanth comedy Series - Bullet / Current Shock / Open heart operation using mobile phone

Vijay kanth , enni cheppina takkuve action scenes anni extremes lo vuntayi... alanti vatilo konni comedy scenes mee kosam. See this video , see what happens to the bullet after hitting vijay kanth.

after this i uploaded two more amazing comedy videos to view them click on read more.

for the people , who dont know tamil this video uploaded with english sub titles, see that dialogue, current will get current shock if it touches me.. Lol..

I bet no where in this world use the mobile technology like this, power cut in operation theater and two finish the open heart surgery vijay kanth will use, mobile light's.. its the height of imagination.

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Ashok Sms King said...

Thu ilanti hero la valle south cinema ni cheap ga choostharu
aa bullet scene enti thu na bathuku Jeevitham meeda virakthi kaluguthundi