Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Hero Stamina - one more article by Mohan CK

Producer wud incur 1.5 to 3crs loss if they make a move with
1.Kalyanram 2. Tarun 3.Sumant,
4.Nitin  5.Nani 6.Sharwanand
7.VarunSandesh 8.Sivaji 9.Tanish,
10.Srikant 11.Navdeep 12.Nikhil
13.Udaykiran 14.Nara Rohit 15.Venu 16. Raja
17.Sairamsankar 18.Sushanth 19. Aryan Rajesh 20.Vaibhav.

ela antara.. click on read more to know more detailed explanation

How much are these Hero's worth?


'Happy Happy Ga' 17 shows gross in Sudarshan-35mm  3,02,731+
11 shows expected gross 90,000 = 3,92,731[1st week 28 shows gross]
Entertainment Tax 15% 58,000+Theatre Maintenance Charges Rs2 per ticket 18,000+
10%distributor’s commission 30,000 + Theatre rent 2,50,000+ Print cost 65,000+
Banners,posters..15,000 = 4,36,000/-
1st week deficit of 40,000+
Producer gets zero theatrical revenue from 5crores[4+crores making cost=1 cr prints nd publicity] investment.
This is the stamina of small hero’s
These small Hero’s cant give back their remuneration to the producers from theatrical collection.
Producer's returns wud be 25%percent from sattelite rights on all films except  few countable successful films so 75% loss to producers 100% profits to BIG4 Lessee’s with huge rentals.

my take
ps: rentals taggisthey kani.. producers ki labam radu.. but big4 debbaki inka peruguthunnayi kani taggatam ledu.. and latest ga puli  movie kosam ticket rates hike chese GO ni release cheyinchataniki try chesthunnaru.. God Save TFI.


Ashok Sms King said...

Naan mahan alla super undanta review dorikithe post chey anna
iragai pole song awesome undi 25days back oka sari vini li8 thesukunna but ippudu video song choosthunte omg ultimate undi yuvan kummesadu try 2 listen anna

Sasidhar Anne said...

yeah.. ee movie chudali ani planning.. songs already vinna.. tamil songs review endukule ani rayaledu..
movie chala bavundi ani naa freind cheppadu.. chusi review update chestha thammi..