Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 th Sense - 7 Aum Arivu - Movie live updates - Talk and review from preview / fans show

Movie going to start soon.

60% occupancy in theater

First half :-  
*Show time.8649 length and U certification.

*Movie starts off in China with introductory scenes about martial arts set in 16th century...Good graphics work.

-*Young Bodhidharman (suriya) entrance...terrific response in the theater and good BGM.
* Suriya looks macho in the title sequence.

*Bodhidharman story thread continues show problems in a chinese village.

* Chinese song starts off after Bodhidharman cures a mysterious disease.

*Another problem in the village and a fight to solve it.

*Very poor quality graphics in the fight make people laugh.Very loud BGM.

* Villains killing their own people...Reason being Drushti Vaseekaranam :

* End of Bodhidharman episode.Movie moves into present times.

* Introduction of villain and operation red.Villain assigned with an important task and a show reel of villain's talents :)

*Now back to India but 93 days ago.A movie full of time lines :)

* Ringa Ringa Song. Good picturization of the song but the situation of the song is very silly.Circus Surya introduced.

*So far the movie is a bit confusing as it still needs to enter the main story line...All characters being introduced.

*Heroine introduced in a very simple manner.

*Aravinda is the name of Suriya in his circus artist character.

*Hero falls in love with the heroine in first look...Director trying to evoke some comedy...So far a futile effort at that :(

*Hero trying to impress the heroine...Movie going on at a so so pace.

*Hero gives a lift to the heroine on an elephant...hmmmm...hero trying nonstop to evoke some comedy.

*Munnaji song...Beach song...Shruthi Hassan looks gorgeous in this song.

*About 15-20 people walked out...signs of impatience ??

*btw...we are now down from 93 days to 63 days in the flashback :) Signs of movie entering the main storyline.

*Heroine trying to utilize hero for a key task keeping the hero in dark about the same.

*Shruthi Hassan is the dumbest actor i have ever come across...absolutely stone faced :(

*A twist in the tale :)

* Sad song..yamma yamma song...hero cheated by heroine...Movie falling flat...

 *Countless walkouts for this song...Good song wasted...

*So far the movies gives an impression that something is there in store but no clue about when all that will be revealed :(

*Day 85...now heroine starts chasing the hero...hmmmmm

*Hero dragged to a museum by the heroine to tell him about his family heritage...

*Heroine explaining an absurd theory about how hero can be strengthened by colluding the DNA of bodhidharman with the hero's...Enter the villain...hmmmmm

Operation Red starts...Interval...Surya performance is the only saving grace so far...Heroine is absolutely emotionless...Zero entertainment...Only a strong second half can save this film. 

Second Half :-  

*Some scenes praising tamil language muster good response from the crowds :)

*Though he is a martial arts expert,villain uses Drushti Vaseekaran against his opponents who start killing themselves...truly funny stuff though comedy is not intended here :)

*Twist...Villain being helped by people close to the heroine...Hero and heroine trying to chase the mystery behind a chinese villain following them...

*A boring scene followed by yelamma song...movie moving at the same pace as the first half.

*Nothing to rave about in this song...People generously treating it as a second interval...

*Finally some interesting scenes...Operation Red being explained in detail.

*Whole concept explained in detail with interesting scenes but overall it seems a bit silly to me personally...

*Now it is the turn of Shruthi hassan to hog the limelight...

*Villain searching for the hero and heroine in a separate track...nothing short of a buffoon...

*Story demands the hero to underplay right now and he is underplaying dutifully :)

*Great scene...absolutely stunning...spell bound...Oh God....villain tries to control the hero seeing him directly into his eyes and the hero retaliates with his eyes...Oh God

*Villain calls his boss and asks him why he was not able to control the hero...very very amateurish picturization...hmmmmm

*One silly scene...followed by another silly scene...making the previous look like a masterpiece...

*This is a test of patience...some very very very silly scenes...

*Hilarious response to a ferocious fight :)

*You cant help but appreciate the director for dishing out this costly fight turned comedy sequence :)

*Some simhalese dialogue musters good response from the audience :)

*Innum enna thoda song...gwaaaddddd....

*Efforts are on to change suriya into bodhidharman :)

*Unfathomable drushti vaseekaran :X

*Shruthi Hassan dares the villain to come and fight the Indian Army if he has a problem with India...20 or so lucky chaps are off the the battle scene and far away from the theater :(

*Climax fight time...

*Hero being punched out of our atmosphere by the villain :(

*Now the hero gains some strength...hand to hand fight...

*Graphics graphics...best comedy scenes of the movie right now...graphics graphics... 

*Never ending fight...graphics...graphics...

*End of fight...Interview with the hero...Murugadoss on screen

End of the film...7th sense is not a movie for people with common sense...Complete review and comments will be posted shortly.Cheers and Peace

Purely disappointed with the movie output. 
courtesy :- harithehero blog. , live updates from chennai


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