Wednesday, October 26, 2011

illaya thalapathy - Vijay Velayudham Movie talk / review from premier show

* Movie is mostly like telugu Azad movie.
* Vijay action is good and some extra ordinary dance moments are there
* Genelia Character is okay , but hansika over acts. The selection of heroines are bad.
* Comedy in some parts is good and some times it looks pale.
* Graphics are not used properly , becoz of these fights looks funny.
* Story is about "Terrorism" . Genilia acts as journalist.
* She will create a character called "velayudham" to terrify the bad goons.
* When Vijay enters the city . Due to some consequences, People start thinking him as " Velayudham".
* Movie is filled with lot of fights.
* Songs looks good , so the dances.
* Overall its an average fare.
* as the 7th sense bit the mud, it will help velayudham to score good collection at boxoffice.

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