Thursday, August 9, 2012

Allu arjun - Julayi - Movie Review from premier show - Movie talk

ee movie meeda manchi expectations vunnayi.. allover US lo 50 locations lo premier plan chesaru.. as soon they start , i will update this post.

*trivikram Munde cheppinattu.. this is complete youth oriented movie.
*Allu Arjun , intro , look and makeover is good. 
* First song bavundhi.
*Ileyana character has some shades of "jalsa" character. 
* Comedy is good
* First half bavundhi.. trivikram style cinema neat ga , comedy ga vundhi.. engage chesela vundhi...
* Rajendra prasad and bunny madhya vacchina scenes bavunnayi
*Sonu sood as bittu.. he is did according to his role.
* Last 20 mins of the movie are bit dragging.
* Songs are good on screen and music and BGM is the one of the assest of the movie.
* There are some memorable punches of trivikram.
* In all movies of trivikram , he is generally bit confused in 2nd half.. same applies to this movie.
*On overall its a good movie .
* watch for trivikram direction, bunny energy and DSP music.

** This is year is going good for mega camp

Note: - This is not my view .This is the talk, i got from a person who watched this movie. The views will be different for  each person.. please dont judge the movie based on this review.. this review is only for your information.


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