Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie Dairy - My Experiences

Hi All, 

manalo chala mandhi chaduvukune Appadu maximum movies ni we use to see on first day. Andulo inka top hero movie aithey mundu rojee college bunk kotti aa theater mundu padi gapulu kasi , ticket sampadinchi night 2.0 clock show ki vellevalam.inchu minchu chala mandi elane chesi vuntaru... edo baga chadive vallu tappa ..:)

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               At that time, manaku konni incidents jaruguthayi.. appudu avi mamulu gane vunna...later they will be reciprocating memories.i was just thinking of them. i want to bring all the incidents that happen to me on the first day of the movies. Luckily i use to maintain dairy so naku idhi antha kastam kadu.

  I did my from chennai, in these diaries except my name, iam changing all my freinds name as i dont wont to reveal there identity.I hope users will enjoy this section. i will release all incidents one by one on every saturday. enjoy This section.
Watch in this section  lot more to add .

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