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First Official Post in FriendsHub - Sitapathi Chalo Tirupathi Review by Ravi

Friends hub lo first official post , Review by ravi.. Thank a lot ravi.. actual ga old movies ki kuda review rayali ani nenu eppati nuncho anukuntunna.. kani mana ravi nakante aa pani munde chesadu..thanks a lot..
                    ee movie gurinchi oka chinna hidden fact cheppali.. Gemini tv serials lo famous ayina omkar garu (Kala vari kodalu etc.,) ee movie ki dialogues rasaru.. to check the review by ravi click on read more.

Production: Sai Raghavendra Flims
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Vani Viswanath, Ishwarya, Nuthana Prasad, Kota Srinivasarao, babumohan, Jayalalitha, Chandrika
Dialogues: Omkar
Songs: Bhuvanachandra
Editor: Trinadh
Music: Chakravarthi
Producers: S. Murali Srinivas, Suni kilaru
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Vijay baapineedu
Year Released: 1992

Story: Rajendra Prasad(sitapati) is go lucky, innocent and irresponsible guy. He likes his mama (kota Srinivasarao) Kuturu. Kota Srinivasarao dosent like it and says he dosent have a job even though they like each other. Then sitapati goes to Tirupathi to meet his friend who is well settled. After he goes he finds out that his friend is small robber. The rest of the story is how he earns money and wins back his love.

Performances: Rajendra prasad was perfect as a innocent guy. He acted very well. Ishwarya played her part well . Vani is the second heroine and she did really good. Kota as a bad guy is amazing. Babu mohan as kotas side kick did well. They both share some funny moments. Nuthana Prasad as a deaf guy did good. Rest of the cast did well as well.

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Vijaybapineeudu got a simple story. Screenplay was pretty good as well except it goes down a bit in the second part of the movie. In the second half 2 songs come quickly and second love track seems extended and it goes down a bit. There is also a bit of adult humor. He dealt some scenes really well.

* The scene when sitapati goes to Tirupathi
* The scene where he steals for the first time and the scenes that follow afterwards. These scenes show how valuable money can be when you work hard for it and it also shows reaching a goal is not easy as talking about it

* Ending was pretty good. It was dealt in a simple way and in a way that you don’t expect it to end. The scene in the ending when they jump of a cliff is funny.

Music: Music by Chakravarthi is alright. Kodangi Vaana Kottindi Jaana is good. Rest are ok.

* Asalu Sisalu Calaru Bellam
Singer : Balasubrahmanyam S P, Chithra K S
* Kodangi Vaana Kottindi Jaana
Singer : Balasubrahmanyam S P, Chithra K S
* Mallemogga Yemannadi
Singer : Balasubrahmanyam S P, Chithra K S
* Naa Vontimeeda Undanandi Cheera
Singer : Chithra KS
* Pumpukaada Bindettuko
Singer : Balasubrahmanyam S P, Chithra K

Other Departments : Cinematography was pretty good. Costumes are pretty good in the sense that they wear costumes of normal people.

Final Word: The movie is quiet good and enjoyable. You can watch it for Rajenda prasad, vanis performances, few laughs and some good scenes. On the other hand second half is a bit slow and there is some adult humor. Its a time pass movie and can be watched once

Rating : 3/5


bharatiyedu said...

mama rating kuda vesavu ga .... thanks

Admin said...

ravi annaya rocks

Kishore said...

Good review my mr ravi.. nenu ee movie teja tv lo chala sarlu chusa..

Old movie ki review.. really a good idea..

Ravi the reviewer said...

thank you kishore garu for ur feedback ... please do visit the blog regularly and more reviews are soon to follow. Feel free to invite some of ur friends to the blog as well