Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tamil Star Vijay 's Movies Got banned in Tamilnadu

Being a super star why his movies are going to get banned in tamil.. click on read more to know the reason.

Vijay's last hit movie is "Pokkiri" tamil remake of telugu movie "Pokiri". After that movie vijay has not tasted the sucess from past four years. All his movies including the latest "SURA", prooved as DUD at box office. These caused a huge loss to tamil industry theater owner.
                        In the general meeting held at may , they all decided that vijay has to pay the money as compensation.But untill now he didn't provide any response.So that they all decide to ban the screening of vijay's movies untli they got compensation.
                                  I think no hero ever in south (even in india,world) face these type of situation.This will be the lesson for big heros who tries to make the movies with same old formulae which causes loss to producer. Hope this type of tradition will become regular, so that atleast heros will take care of there stories.

ps:- If Telugu people follow the above tradition, name the hero who will pay highest compensation?

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