Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One more detailed article by mohan CK about Cinema Ticket Rates in TFI

Mohan garu.. back again with one more amazing article.Ticket rates gurinchi chala detailed ga superb ga article rasaru.. Click on read more to view that article.

Don’t try to Loot our beloved Audiences?
After squeezing the Industry in every possible way and killing the small budget film makers now TFI peddalu are trying to loot the audience.
Through advocate they appealed to Hnble Minister Smt Geeta Reddu garu to grant permission to the exhibitors to increase the Ticket rates citing Govt revenue will be increased.
They have asked to increase the present ticket rate from 50 to 75rs
If that G.O comes that will effect the small budget film makers very badly as the Theatre rentals will be increased  further. Even for the paying audience it will be big burden.
[BIG4 are getting the theatres for less than 10% rental, so no pain for them]
If this happens then small budget film makers cannot think of  releasing their films  with  these rents as that will reach beyond their affordable capacity?
Already  lessee’s have increased  huge rentals so now they are trying to stab TFI and people.
Who asked them to make films with the abnormal budgets and tax/Squeeze ppl for their gains
when will they stop looting  TFI.
we were shocked to know mr Bobby [Geetha Arts] and mr Bhoopal [Navrang theatre Vijayawada] are behind this looting Idea?
Lobbying started, so there should be protest by one and all. 
Government can increase their revenue by enhancing E.Tax on dubbed films like other southern states, but not this way.
                                                      open appeal to Chiranjeevi garu
Will chiranjeevi garu use his influence and get the permission?
That is the discussion going on in TFI[Telugu film Industry]
Will he support the idea of ‘Taxing common man’ again?
Paying audiences [Including middle class families]  will be object severely,
Whom will chiranjeevi garu support ‘People or Lessee’s?’
Chiranjeevi garu is against the price rise of essential commodities etc..
Does the common need the entertainment or not, if yes then watching cinema cant be made as 'costliest entertainment'
He should try to save this dying film industry and people and oppose this proposal immediately during
                                        Piracy Increases
 One side by requesting the govt to increase ticket rates, can TFI appeal people not watch movies on piracy DVD’s ?
TFI looses that moral right to request them as we are forcing them to go for piracy with these greedy actions.
If ppl start questioning  us on news channels ‘You guys increase the ticket rates , encourage Black marketing of ticket rates by keeping 100 to 200rs on first days cashing our weakness, and ask us to stop piracy, is that fair?
Can we answer them?
So please don’t try to stab our own mother for the monetary gains of few countable people and make thousands suffer. 

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