Monday, August 16, 2010

Votes Difference between Sree ram , Bhoomi and Rakesh - Sree ram's Majority in Indian idol 5

OMG!!!... Sree rams tops with 4,62,251 votes.
Bhoomi in second place with 2,55,477 votes and Rakesh with only 49,197.

Sree ram chandra's majority is more than 2 lakhs when compared with bhoomi and more than 4 lakhs when compared with rakesh.. Its a not a close battle freinds. Sree rams wins with miles a head majority...
ps:- in the morning one of my friend said sree ram won with small majority and many people dont know whats the total votes get for sree ram.. this post is for them.. :)


ashok said...

Omg 2lakhs+ votes tho win ayyada nenu 70000votes tho win ayyadani friend okadu annadu
this is awesome

Krishna said...

Hi Thanks for giving the info. It would be great if you could provide the link from where you go this info.

Ramya said...

Hi Thanks for sharing this info. It would be great if you can provide us with the link from where you got this info.

Sasidhar Anne said...,%20Hyderabad

ee site lo inthaka mundu info iccharu..latest ga update chesinappudu aa details tessesaru anukunta..

Sasidhar Anne said...,%20Hyderabad

they have mentioned the votes number here earlier.. but in the latest updates they removed the info..