Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrating 2,00,000 hits on the blog

2,00,000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Thanks a lot for your support, i got one lakh clicks on may 21st. in hardly four months this blog got next 1,00,000 these hits i must give share to ashokreddy , mohan ck for there excellent articles. Ashok reddy ur awesome, u keep on adding the things in the blog,which i missed. Thanks a lot for the support.
                             There are some names which i must mention for every success post of this blog they are praveen anna, hari (these two people are my inspiration to start this blog).Then comes vinay, venky , kranthi who encourages me all time. Thanks a lot guys once again.

ps:- i think this blog can achieve this 2 lakhs by the time of kaleja/ brindavanam release.. but u all made this possible even before that.


ashok said...

Thanks anna
nee support valle idantha
nenu rasina khaleja audio review post cheyava anna khashtapadi rasa
one suggestion post comment system baledu prathi sari id password aduguthundi
praveen anna blog laga pettava plz

Sasidhar Anne said...

Khaleja lo vundatam valla miss ayyindhi ashok.. ee weekend post chestha