Friday, November 12, 2010

Kalyan ram 's Katthi / kathi Movie talk and review

* hero is a foot ball player.
* Starting of the movie .. okay okay.. Heroine on screen meeda antha ga baledu
*First half average ga finish ayyindhi.
*Second half antha action paced one.
*Comedy koncham takkuva.
*Cinema lo anni elements vunna, edo missing.
*Sarnaya mohan acts good and perfect for the role.. and scenes btwn saranya and kalyanram came out well.
*Overall ga averaga bomma.. compared to earlier kalyan ram movie its good
*Max velthey hare ram range ki velthundhi antunnaru.

Idhi nenu kanukunna talk.. ivvala evening movie ki velthunna.. my detailed review will be updated soon. 

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