Monday, January 17, 2011

Sankranthi Winner 2011 - Telugu Films - my take / view

total ga four films release ayayi,

12th - parama veera chakra
13th - Mirapakay
14th - Anaganaga oka Dheerudu
15th - Golconda High School

in these four movies to know which one is winner click on read more.

parama veera chakra - weakest opening ever for NBK.Eventhough the concept is good,the way dasari executed is big let expected this movie became DUD at box office.

Mirapakay - Comedy is fine, Second half is a big minus.RT is repeating the same mode of acting. Movie is going to below average to average.

Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu - Disney pictures first movie in Andhra. Graphics are too good , but the screenplay is not that much good and this movie gonna be below average to average.

Golconda High School - Movie got good response. Students and youth recognized themselves in the movie. at box office , this is going steadily and surely this movie going to get good collections in long run

finally in my take.


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aditya said...

naaku GHS nacchindhi.
AOD kooda nacchindhi,but inka baaga teesi undocchu,anyways aa tehcnial workki salaam

Mirapakay ehes chettha cinema,3,4 scenelu tappa em nacchaledhu,RT too much repeat setthunnadu ave malli malli.

PVC choosentha dhairyam nenu cheyaledhu.