Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sri Krishna Commitee - report - Submitted - Options and Suggestions given by them

The major options they gave.
  1. Continue as Samaikya andhra.
  2. Divide Telangana and make hyderabad as capital
  3. Divide telanga as separate state and Hyderabad as combined capital for both.
  4. Make telangana and rayalaseema as separate state and kostha as a separate state.
These are the four major implementation they gave. i dont know whats the use of these commitee , a small kid in the state can tell these options overall i can say is "This commitee is simple waste of time".

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Unknown said...

hi anna,

its me ravi.

i dont think its a waste of time, atleast they prepared a meaninful report with stistical analysis about the conditions of andhra pradesh from 1948-2010.

Report motham chadivaanu chaala baaga analyse chesaru each and every issue, paiga report lo vallu we are slightly inclined towards united andhra ani kooda icharu