Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Allu Arjun 'S Badrinath movie on location details - by Hemanth

Hemanth ani mana blog follower, valla school venakala badrinath shooting jarigindhi anta.. akkada chusina / gamanichina vishayalani manatho share chesukunnadu..Click on read more, to read the on location details in words of hemanth

Actually Badrinath lo many imp scenes ma school venakale 3 to 4 sets vesi theesaru. ninu ma friend school ki bunk koti oka scene kuda chusam.
             And we could hear few dialouges and songs!!!.....i saw the post in your thought of sharing this information...which i know!!!!
  • Heroes name is Badri (i think so)!!
  • Prakash Raj is hero's trainer in martial arts.
  • Rao Ramesh has the same costume as he had in Khaleja!!!>...same to same unnadu
  • Master Bharath has a poojari get up
  • I saw a huge the set
  • The scene which i saw was...villan asks rao ramesh where is badri
  • Villan is kelly georgy(he may be villans secretery or something....)....Kelly george comes in a helicopter!!!
  • one of the song name is JAI BOLO BADRINATH......a powerful song!!
  • Martial arts fights were very good....According to me!!
Thanks Hemanth for the info..

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