Friday, June 17, 2011

Siddharth 180 movie releasing on june 25th - Story line of the movie - poster

naaku telisins story line cheputhunna.. long back ashok reddy naku cheppadu. to read the story line of this movie click on read more.

Priya Anand and Siddharth are wife and Husbands.Siddharth will suffer from some incurable diesease..Mostly he can live 180 days more.Siddhu decided to live this 180 days at the fullest,So he will take some decisons.

in mean time of his 180 days he will meet  nitya menon. This is the single story of this movie.

There some steamy scenes between priya and siddharth,its seems one liplock is there in this movie.

Story looks like chakram(telugu) movie .. movie fate majorly depends on the taking.

note:- iam not sure , whether this story is correct or not. I just mentioned here what i know.


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aditya said...

ee story ai undadhu kacchitamga