Thursday, August 11, 2011

nagachaitanya / chaitu Dhada / Dhadha movie talk - review - updated - my view

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Entrance of chaitu is good..
Movie lo chaitu and grandness tappa okka positive ledu.. 

Though the songs are good enduku vasthayo teliyadu.
Comedy - this is one of the weakest comedy i watched this year
Kajal looks pale and no energy in her character. Here make up is too worse , we cant tolerate her.
Dubbing by chinmayi is a bad option.. it looks artificial.
Main culprit for the movie failure is Director.
Director lacked the talent to show what he wants to tell.
There is no clarity in the screenplay , it always jumps and test your patience. 
Completly disappointed.
Hardluck chai.. next time dont select a new director.. they never works for you.
Claimax is too long and people are just shouting..


Anonymous said...

lollllllll !!! movie s a big wash out !!movie choosina vallaki dhada

Anonymous said...

Option 1 – Dhada is a Sega
Option 2 – Another film that justifies its title by threatening the audience

What is the film about?
Option 1 -The film is about making Naga Chaitanya a mass star.
Option 2 -The film showcases exactly why Naga Chaitanya can not be a mass star.

No, what I ask is what the story of the film is?
Option 1 – A and B are business partners. C comes out of no where and disturbs their business. D is the brother of C and works for A. A,B and D all search for C.
Option 2 – Do not read option 1.

So how is the film?
Option 1 – Josh
Option 2 – The film is worse than Josh

How did Naga Chaitanya perform?
Option 1 – He does not perform
Option 2 – We do know he is in the film

How was the direction by Ajay Bhuyan?
Option 1 – Non existent
Option 2 – The film looks and feels like pieces of colorful cloths stitched together

Is there any positive at all?
Option 1 – Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Option 2 – Cinematography by VS Gnanashekhar

Option 1 – Never watch
Option 2 – Don’t watch

Rating: 1/5
Ooh by the way you haven’t mentioned about Kajal?
Option 1 – Her make up artist will get a Nandi Award
Option 2 – Her hair stylist will get a Special Jury Nandi Award for make up

Unknown said...

movie is very slow and boring...kajal looks yuck...

sai said...

movie is supperbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb awesummmmmmmmm action by chaithu and fights more than expectations li loved d movie i dont understand y people are not liking the movie either they r waste fellows or dont justify d film they r the idiots who say this film is not gud

sai said...

movie was supeerb i really loved this action and grandness of the film i dont understand y this bloody people understand the film story really either they are illiterates or they another just idiots who cant justify this film