Friday, November 25, 2011

Dhanush Mayakkam enna / Mayakam Enna Movie talk / Short review

*yet another bold movie from selvaraghavan.
*Dhanush wants to become a wild life photographer.
*Heroine tries to help hero to get break through
*i cant reveal the story here..but in the movie hero cheats his freind and he is also get cheated.
*Hero and Heroine marriage happens in second half form that time lot of drama and bold scenes in the movie.
*Even the dialogues and scenes are too bold and selvaragahvan went to maximum extent which makes audience to feel uncomfortable.
*Amazing perfomances by the lead pair.
*There 3-4 scenes which gets the max response from the audience but at the same time.. second half makes audience uncomfortable with bold scenes(all genre of audience cant accept these type of scenes).
*This is not a movie which go for masses , so collections wont be good as expected.

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