Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shankar Nanban (tamil version ) / Snehitudu (telugu version ) movie review - talk from the preview show

 3 idiots is proved and great movie and it will be difficult to remake that movie. But shankar sir remaked the movie with out changing the orginal flavour and even he added extra colours which make this "nanban" as a very good movie.

Vijay / jiiva / shrikanth / satyaraj what ever the character in the movie they excelled in there role and bought the beautifulness.

Illeana is a suprise to kollywood , she will be sensation in tamil after this movie.

Its nice to watch vijay with out loud dialogues and extra irrating fights.

Songs and music are too good and they are up to the level of shankar sir.

This main content of the movie and characterisation , names (virus/silencer) of the characters are exact copy of 3 idiots , becoz if they get changed the whole recipe will get damage. so its not the fault of the director.

Guys dont miss this movie and enjoy the pongal with your family.

Pongall is well and kollywood will be well with this type of movies.

For Telugu/tollywood :- we cant expect the same type of response here , because unlike tamil nadu all major youth audience already watched "3 idiots" i doubt if whether they will see south indian version or not. Main selling factors in telugu are shankar, jiiva , illeana. All the best for dilraju who bagged the rights of nanban telugu version.


Anand Kumar said...

shankar has made everyone laugh by projecting the hero who knos only dancing to talk about edication system and question the great like abdulkalam. many scenes shown as comedy like removing pants show vulgarity and showing aperson memorizing in engineering as a comic makes the director itslef a comic as many internal exams in engineering are open book exams and all based on concepts and algorthms. and just by opening all machines and looking at it you can only become a technician and a hero cannot excel in all subjects by just opening all machines . the film lacks all logic so as my friend below tessls even all is well became a comdey and all scenes are a comedy better vadivelu would have been happy to be ajiva or srikanth.

Anonymous said...

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