Friday, July 6, 2012

Rajamouli eega / ega movie talk - review from first premier show

happy to bring first update on eega talk
*Love track chala baga teesadu rajamouli.
* Samantha looks cute and nani vundedhi takkuva sepu ayina.. he created his impact
*Nani death scene chala highly emotional ga teesaru
*Sudeep rocked.
*Second half looks bit dragged, but thats not issue.
*Graphics are in top class
*Prathi frame lo rajamouli kasi kanipisthundhi.
*Rolling titles are too good.. i will maintain that as suspense.. definetly.. its far better than any other rolling titles upto now :) .. pillalaki pandaga
*Easy ga hit kottesthundhi ani chepthnnaru..

Note:- this is the talk i got from london premier show.Thanks sekhar for this update.
Iam going to watch this movie in 2hours.. will update the complete review on mine in 4 hours..


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