Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pavan kalyan - Cameraman ganga tho rambabu - CGR - movie talk - short review from premier shows

*Pavan is good,vunna dantlo bane chesadu.. Dialogues and dances thana style lo alarinchadu.
*Thamanna.. Rebel torture ni continue chesindhi.. Songs lo parledu kani koonni scenes lo chesina OA barinchalem.
*Brahmi and Ali comedy Okay.. recent puri movies tho polisthey antha vulgar comedy aithey ledu.
*First half looks average.
* Second lo half lo logic less scenes tho pages of dialogues tho puri movie padu chesadu.
*Songs parledu.. kani movie chirak tho second half songs irritating ga vunntayi.

* movie nacchudhi.. naa pavan emi chesina keka anna feel lo velthey.. movie avg la vuntundhi.. neutral ga velthey.. movie sodhi la vundi..

Puri sega continues...

*max to max 3 weeks.. that too for pavan..

*Box records aa.. lite teesukondi bayya.. paina antha cheppaka kooda inka aa question adagaru..

teen mar meeda koncham collect chessudhi emo anthey..

note:- movie meeda expectations tagginchukoni , maro puli la vundabothundhi ani theater ki velthey.. movie kontha lo kontha nacchudhi emo.. try it...

Note: - This is not my view .This is the talk, i got from a person who watched this movie. The views will be different for  each person.. please dont judge the movie based on this review.. this review is only for your information.


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Anonymous said...

puri is born to torture people....
pawan born to make flop films...