Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sontha ooru movie review - my view - must watch movie - Full movie video in Youtube

Sontha ooru , ee movie 2009 lo release ayyindhi mari ippudu review enti anukuntunnara..chepthanu..

This movie is all about the effects on villages because of globalization. Concept , characters and dialogues are the major asset of the movie.

Awards won :-
2009 nandhi - Best dialogue writer - LB sriram
2009 nandhi - Best Character artist - LB Sriram
2009 nandhi - Best heroine - teertha
2009 Best movie

2009 lo magadheera lanti movie tho compete chesi inni awards ante.. appatlo nenu lobying anukunna.. kani movie chusaka ardham ayyindhi movie lo vunna matter ento ani.

movie lo lo vunna prathi character manalani touch chesthundhi.. present vunna human values ni question chesthundhi.Village lo land sale chesi city ki velthey akkada situations ni chala baga chupincharu.

Direction is good inka movie ni baga crispy ga teyyavacchu.. some time lag ayyinattu anipisthundhi kani.. dialogues vatini cover chesesindhi..

LB sriram cheppe prathi dialogues oka range lo vunnayi.. assalu ee character ki LB sriram icchina perfomance ki national awards easy ga ivvavachu.. take a bow sir..

Teertha - cinema lo prostitute character.. assalu ee ammayi action kooda oo range lo chesindhi..

raja - character is good.. under play baa chesadu.

Cinema concept and dialogues execution ki nenu fida ayipoya.. assalu LBsriram lo intha talent vundhi ani oohinchala..

Globalization manchidey kani.. pacchaga vunde pallelo enduku ani baga chepparu.. Must watch movie. Please check the below link to watch the movie.


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