Friday, February 8, 2013

Prabhas Mirchi movie talk - short review from premier - fans show

will update in couple of hours .. stick to this place for more updates
* Routine prabhas characterisation.
* First half is cool and good kakapothey prabhas english slang mari ebbutu ga vundi.
* Richa for first half and anushka for second half. 
*Looks wise prabhas kummesadu.
* First half is passable with good comedy at places.
* Movie is like to mix of old telugu movies
* Second half flash back bavundi.
*Anushka character comes in flash back.
* Last 30 mins is bit drag.
* Second half gettiga okay okay..
*Overall ga avg ayye chance vundi
*Devisri BGM is good and songs are picturised well.
*Siva as director he passed with min marks.


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