Monday, September 23, 2013

Pawankalyan / Pk / Attarintiki Daredhi / AD complete leaked movie - Torrent

Pavankalyan , trivikram - Attharintiki daredhi Movie 75% without songs leak ayyindhi antunnaru..
very bad news for TFI.

OKa producer thana money petti.. and enno 100 families ki help avuthu.. movies testhunte release ki munde leak cheyyatam chala badha karam.

BVSN prasad garu already cinema meeda 50C daka pettaru ani talk. PLease dont download this movie from torrents / or from any where.

Support TFI..

AD Piracy Links Online Lo Ekkada unna ki mail cheyandi...

Note: this title is to attract who ever trying for the torrent file or for leaked movie.Shame on them.


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